CFP: SymbioticA, bioart conference

Screenshot 2015-03-30 13.03.41

The Inaugural (Rest of the World) SLSA Conference

Perth Western Australia, 1-3 October 2015, CALL FOR PAPERS, PANELS AND WORKSHOPS

Neolife; full of surprises.
From the odd to the mundane, new forms of life are emerging in labs, workshops and studios. With the promise of exploitation for health and wealth we are seeing life as it previously never existed, albeit smothered in hyperbole, rhetoric and speculation. How do cultures such as Indigenous Australia respond to Neolife? On what terms are countries like China, India, Singapore and Japan, who have a rapidly growing biotech industry embracing or rejecting Neolife? How different it is to the west? Neolife: The Rest of the World SLSA 2015 meeting in Perth, Western Australia will attempt to address these questions from a wide range of approaches.

Abstracts (max 300 words) ***DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 30 APRIL 2015. Topics include:

• RotW (Rest of the World) Biotech and life science
• Cultural and literary studies of new life
• Representations of new life
• Non-Human biopolitics
• Non-Human bioethics
• Animal studies
• Cultural teratology
• Biotech consumer products
• Speculative biology in Design/Art/Film/Literature
• History of (life) science
• Regenerative biology /Stem Cells (STAP, iPS)
• Synthetic biology
• Biological/biomedical Law
• Anthropocene


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