The System of Objects


 Liu Jianhua’s ‘Blank Paper’ is made of thin and delicate porcelain. At the opening of System of Objects at Minsheng Art Museum. Image Source: Owen Leong

Thanks to artist and SCA PhD Owen Leong for sending in this link to The System of Objects, Minsheng Art Museum March 28-Jun 29

“Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum is pleased to present The System of Objects, a group show by Chinese contemporary artists. Featuring 44 artists whose practice varies from painting, sculpture, installation to video and animation, the exhibition shown on the ground floor of the museum will be open to public on March 29 and run through June 28, 2015….

…When talking about objects, we refer to objects from the perspective of man. It’s pointless to talk about objects if not taking man into consideration. Such is the simplest description of the relation between man and object since Kant and Heidegger. However, today’s young and radical philosophers put forward “Speculative Realism”, advocating that objects have their own domain and can be liberated from man’s perspective and its connection with man. Objects have the domain, destiny and noumenon of their own. An object-oriented ontology is under formation.”- Exhibition Press Release


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