Haraway: Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene, Chthulucene

vol6-cover-724x1024Image by Owain Jones, “Crossing the Severn Bridge, c. 1980.

“There is no question that anthropogenic processes have had planetary effects, in inter/intraaction with other processes and species, for as long as our species can be identified (a few tens of thousand years); and agriculture has been huge (a few thousand years). Of course, from the start the greatest planetary terraformers (and reformers) of all have been and still are bacteria and their kin, also in inter/intra-action of myriad kinds (including with people and their practices, technological and otherwise).1 The spread of seed-dispersing plants millions of years before human agriculture was a planet-changing development, and so were many other revolutionary evolutionary ecological developmental historical events.” p 159 

Environmental Humanities, vol. 6, 2015, pp. 159-165

Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Plantationocene, Chthulucene: Making Kin
Donna Haraway
History of Consciousness, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA


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