Future Stratigraphy symposium and artist talks online

Future Stratigraphy Symposium: 18 October 2016, Sydney College of the Arts.

The Future Stratigraphy symposium explored ways of understanding and envisioning the materiality of country and landscape across disciplines, cultures and time.

Welcome – Oliver Smith, New Materialism in Contemporary Art research cluster SCA Acknowledgement of Country – Mariko Smith, Wingara Mura Fellow SCA
Introduction – Tracey Clement, artist, arts writer and current PhD candidate at SCA

Keynote Lecture – John Roloff – ‘Sentient Terrains IV’
John Roloff is an artist and professor at San Francisco Art Institute. John was in Sydney as SCA’s guest international artist for the Future Stratigraphy program.

Matt Poll – ‘Glimpsing landscapes of the past through stone tool technologies’
Matt Poll is the Assistant Curator of the Macleay Museum Indigenous Heritage Collections and the University of Sydney’s Repatriation Project Officer.

Ron Boyd – ‘A Marine Geologist’s View of the Anthropocene’
Ron Boyd is a conjoint professor at the University of Newcastle, he has worked as a marine geologist with forty years experience in the field.

Panel discussion – ‘Future Stratigraphy’
John Roloff, Matt Poll, Ron Boyd and Tracey Clement.

Artist talks – Future Stratigraphy Exhibition, SCA Galleries
Sean O’Connell, Madeleine Boyd, Penny Dunstan, Emma Robertson, Kath Fries, Dell Walker, Tracey Clement and Kenneth Mitchell.


Above image: Future Stratigraphy exhibition, documentation photograph by Ian Hobbs.
Artworks from left: Kenneth Mitchell, Crystal Amplifiers (2016); Josh Wodak, Jubilee Venn Diagrams? (2014); Penny Dunstan, Rix’s Creek Study #3 and #4 (2015-2016); Tracey Clement, Critical Cartography (2014-2016); Kath Fries, Within and without (2016).


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